Sugarpill x Bei Badgirl Trinket Review and Swatches

It finally arrived, the long-awaited Trinket re-release from Sugarpill. For those who aren’t aware, this highly coveted shade is a collaboration between the Australian artist and prophetess of all things cute, Bei Badgirl and the independent, intensely bright brand Sugarpill. When the lipstick launched, it sold out in under three minutes. I was one of the few people who successfully ordered it, but thanks to the high traffic on the website, had to wait for a restock. After approximately 14 weeks, I finally have it, and I’m glad I chose to wait.

This is one of the longest wearing gifferlipstick I’ve ever worn — thanks in part to the inherent differences between light and dark colors, and the way they wear.  It reminds me of Black Moon Cosmetics’ lipsticks in the way it feels. When worn correctly, I forget I have it on, and can drink coffee and smoke cigarettes without any worry of it fading. The glitter stays put and shines brilliantly all day. This is impressive because other glittery products I have fade or fall off within the first few hours of wear. True to the cute brand, it tastes and smells vaguely of sweet citrus candy.

I was worried that the limited edition art work wouldn’t be included, but I was pleased to find out that they chose to keep it. The packaging is different this time, in a stouter tube with a curved applicator. With the new applicator, it’s easy to put on too much of the lipstick, making it feel gritty and rub off quickly. This is an easy fix, a careful eye is the best solution, so I’m not too worried.

As for the color, it’s a very flattering peachy nude with tons of gold glitter. Being very pale, I usually don’t wear warm tones, and I admit, I would like this better if it were closer to a bluish pink. Despite my usual hatred of gold, this works on my skin. I sometimes catch glimpses of myself when I come home from work and question whether it really looks good or not, and I think when I wear it alone, without any other makeup, the look is unbalanced rather than chic. It’s very versatile, appropriate for daytime chores while glitzy enough to turn heads while out. Mine found its home in my purse for that very reason, it’s a good shade to keep on hand just in case lipstick  is called for.

This successful product gives me hope for future lipstick shades from Sugarpill, who currently focuses on eye makeup. This works on all skin tones, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a nude lipstick without the natural look that it often accompanies. This is ideal for those who love sailor moon, peach mimosas, and fluffy earrings.

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