Review of Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder cleanser and Aburatorigiami Blotting Paper

I love powder cleansers. Because the formula is dry, there’s no need for preservatives to stave off mold and the other problems that plague wet perishables. They feel more clarifying thanks to the this. Compared to conventional cleansers, powders leave less residue and heavy feeling. I’ve tried Nude’s powder cleanser before, but resisted buying the full size because I had cheaper cleansers to use up. I admit, these products are expensive for cleansers. I thought I’d give this a go because I needed a cleanser for travel; however, once I tried the travel size of Tacha’s powder cleanser, I knew it was too good to be relegated to my gym bag.

Tatcha’s brand is based around simplicity, 222clarity, and the supposed writings found in geisha’s journals. Whether the information found in these journals was so innovative is unclear, but the products themselves have shown promise, so I’m willing to buy the premise. They also partner with Room to Read, a nonprofit that pays for the education of girls around the world. Their beautiful aesthetic, charity work, and genuinely luxurious products are enough to make this a new addition to my (very short) list of favorite skincare brands.

Cleansers like this take some getting used to. Learning the correct cleanser to water ratio takes time to perfect. This cleaner (and others like it) needs a few seconds to whip the ingredients into a lather before it’s ready to be applied to the face.

333This feels slightly gritty, but the exfoliation comes primarily from the enzymes that do so chemically. I can’t think of any situation in which I would prefer a physical cleanser to a chemical one because the latter are equally more gentle and effective. This works by breaking the protein bonds between dead ckin cells and the live layer underneath. This process is like using a knife to carve your statue while physical cleansers like microbeads or rough washcloths are more akin to a chainsaw.

It’s really excessive. I’m not sure if I can justify buying the large, but the travel size has lasted me about two months of regular use. Perhaps this is the kind of cleanser I wouldn’t have to replace often. Also, as my sister would confirm, I’m sort of weeaboo trash and the geisha story is very appealing to me.

My skin is pretty oily and gets worse t444throughout the day, so I figured I’d try the blotting papers as well. I’ve never used blotting papers before, so I don’t have much of a frame of reference in which to compare this product to others. I keep the original version at my desk at work and carry the small, charcoal infused versions in my bag. So far, they definitely help reduce grease on my face; whether they do any more than that is still left to be seen.

Petal soft is certainly a good descriptor for the feeling these impart on the skin. I was impressed by the difference before and after using these papers. Paper isn’t really the best word because these are 100% abaca leaf with gold fakes. So, they’re thin strips of leaf. Gold is inert, which means it either does nothing or worse to the skin. I still like these leaves because they’re biodegradable and cruelty free but the (tiny) amount of gold doesn’t impress me. It just a trendy ingredient because we’re obsessed with the rare metal. Terms like “gold standard” are still thrown around to mean “the best.” It annoys me that this is still an issue — companies throwing random materials into topical treatments that do nothing but increase the price — but I’ll try not to stand on my soap box too long. Just don’t fall for the gold hype. Despite that, since I don’t usually wear face makeup, these are worth carrying around to keep my skin looking clear and dewy, not greasy.

Again, Tatcha has impressed me, and I like their brand’s ethos, yet it’s very expensive and probably overpriced. Will I buy their full sized moisturizers and such? If I had the money, I would in a heartbeat. Now, I might save up and get one or two of their products but stick with Tarte or Josie Maran for other things.

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