Review of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes and Luna Oil

I haven’t had to buy skincare for a long time, thanks to my tenure as an Estee Lauder beauty adviser. Since living on the other side of the counter for a few years, I exhausted most of my remaining stash and had begun to yearn for something new to try. I had been using a plethora of different products, anywhere from two to four for morning and evening application, and needed a more streamlined approach. It was time to simplify my bathroom cabinet.

Enter Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil. I got this as a sample and immediately started using it as my primary night time syrum, after reading the reviews. I was frankly surprised by the results. My skin felt exfoliated thanks to the retinol, yet unlike some of the prescription strength retinol products I’ve used, this soothed my skin with a plethora of oils, like grape seed and avocado.

Though it doesn’t quite follow that I bought Good Genes first, I wanted to experience their combined results. Good Genes features one of my favorite ingredients: lactic acid. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, much like glycolic acid. I’ve always had better results from AHAs than BHAs. This feels thicker than a syrum, more like a very light moisturizer, and it never irritated my skin. I’ve heard people complain about the smell of both items and to them I say: grow up. Yes, these oils have herbal smells because their components smell. I actually see this as a positive aspect, because it means there is no artificial fragrance (ie alcohol) in it. The smell also dissipates immediately. I have not had anyone ask me why my face was smelly, but I have had strangers complement me on my complexion.

Now that I’ve been using both, I can tell you with confidence that these are both incredibly effective products. I’m only 23 so my skin’s elasticity is still quite firm, but now I can tell a difference in the bounciness of my skin. This pair would help anyone beginning to develop fine lines as a preemptive measure to ensure graceful aging. I have always pampered my skin, so for me to see an improvement is a remarkable development. The downside of using these is that they’re fairly expensive, and I’m disappointed by how quickly the Good Genes goes. But, because they’re effective, I may end up spending less overall. Probably not, but it’s a nice to tell myself. Overall, wonderful products.

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