Review of Kat Von D’s ink liner

I recently realized that Kat Von D makeup is cruelty free and highly rated, so I decided to give the brand a try. I remember watching Ms. Von D’s show in high school and thinking she was one of the coolest people in the world. I’m happy to say that I’m once again a fan of the tattoo’d, alternative fashion darling thanks to her surprisingly above-expectation makeup line.

color block liner using both colors
I picked up two liquid eyeliners from Sephora in Nietzsche (periwinkle) and Bukowski (hunter green). I like both, though Nietzsche is so versatile and striking with its pale blue tone, it’s become my favorite liner. I’ve worn it alone and as an accent color; either way it looks chic and modern. Bukowski is dark, almost black, yet decidedly green. the look it imparts is softer than black, but just as difining. I like using it as a more romantic version of black or as a trendy inclusion of a jewel tone in my makeup.

They both last incredibly long, I am very pleased by their formula. Using them with Bare Mineral’s eye primer; I can go all day without a touch up. Even this incredibly hot summer, I went to an outdoor arts faire while wearing Nietzsche and left looking nearly identical to the way I arrived.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this line, and I wish I had a few more points to be able to get Kat’s IMG_00282,000-point eyeliner reward through Sephora. If it’s still available when I get there, I’ll get it without hesitation.

The writerly-inspired names and highly pigmented colors are enough to make me lust for more colors in this line. I think with my next paycheck, I’ll pick up Woolf, as grey is one of the go-to colors for this fall. I also like Virginia Woolf, so it’s a win-win. I’ve tried many liquid eyeliners, finally deciding that Tarte’s gel eyeliner was best for me because it was good and cruelty free. Now, I can have a range of cruelty free colors and not have to sacrifice performance.

I recommend these liners for anyone who likes graphic liner, artistic colors, or Victorian writers.

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