Review of Bite Beauty’s Watercolor Lipgloss Set

the packaging
the packaging

As soon as I saw that Bite was making this spring-ready set, I knew I had to get one before it sold out. First, I think it’s better to think of these as glossy lip stains or a lip paint because the texture, application, and pigmentation are unlike a typical gloss. When I first applied one, I disliked it because it seemed too thick and not colorful enough. That is, until I played with them and realized they work best when applied like a lipstain: carefully while filling in the whole area. They remind me of the Estee Lauder sequin finish glosses that were very much like lipsticks.

They taste and smell like a pleasant floral fruit and are very moisturizing. Because they’re so highly pigmented and thick, I think it’s necessary to prime your lips before application. I used Bite’s cherry lip scrub because I have very dry, peeling lips naturally. Any primer would work, but be aware that these glosses may accentuate peely lips. Keeping that in mind, these are still moisturizing glosses that didn’t dry out my lips. Finally, these are longer lasting than typical glosses, and definitely leave a stain.

Some of the colors are a little too light for me, but I still think it’s worth having all of the glosses. Will I wear the yellow #1 every day? Absolutely not, but if I ever want to wear funky makeup to a theme party or anything of that ilk, I have it. The mint was disappointing, but the violet was actually more attractive than I thought it would be. To follow, I will have swatches of each of the colors below. Each one is taken in the same natural light.

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