Review of Bite Beauty’s Opal Lipgloss

As a rule, I love opalescent colors. While working for Estée Lauder, they released two lipsticks meant to be worn over other colors, and though my store got very few to sell, I immediately bought them myself. The great thing about transformative colors is that they can exponentially increase the range of colors and finishes one can achieve with any lipstick collection. I don’t have those old Estee lipsticks anymore, but the opal shade from Bite is even better.

IMG_3466-0The lipstick was sold out, so I instead opted for the gloss. It’s just as beautiful a color, but since clear glosses are difficult to apply over lipstick, I would have preferred the lipstick. Clear glosses, no matter how gently you use the applicator, pick up pigment from the lipstick which ultimately gets mixed into the gloss. It’s easy to ruin. Despite that, I’ve been using this gloss regularly.

This lipgloss stays on better than most, though that is accompanied by a slight tacky feeling. I don’t mind it;  it’s certainly not the stickiest gloss I own, but it is nevertheless there. Worn alone, it gives an ethereal ice-princess type look, while over a lipstick it adds dimension. Either way, it enlarges the lips. The tone is cool, with a silver-blue-violet color shift. It’s hard to capture in still photographs, but when moving, the color changes slightly.

I’m definitely going to buy the opal lipstick next. I think it will be easier to apply over dark IMG_3490shades, making me less paranoid about ruining my lipgloss. I feel like new life has been imbued into my older lipsticks thanks to the opal color option. Once again, Bite has impressed me with their lip products, all of which use food-grade ingredients. the average woman consumes pounds of lipstick and gloss over a lifetime, and I’d rather it be edible than not.

I highly recommend either the gloss or the stick to anyone who loves lipsticks, fairies, cyberpunk, or crystals.

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