Review of Bite Beauty’s Frozen Berry collection

I review Bite products so often, it’s no surprise that when they announced their dark, berry colors, I’d need one or two. At the VIB Rouge buying event, I took home Elderberry, a dark plum, and Black Cherry, a vampy red. I also picked up the Opal lipstick, the companion to the opal gloss I had already purchased. I realized that I didn’t have nearly enough dark colors of lipsticks, partly because some old boyfriends and/or guys I’d’ve wanted to date didn’t seem keen on dark colors, so I stopped buying new ones. Now, I’m reclaiming my goth look with these glorious berry colors.

Elderberry with Opal

The Elderberry is beautiful, but it’s a little difficult to apply, and it’s made more apparent by the dark color. I found it accentuated any dry skin on my lips, so I made sure to moisturize and exfoliate them before my next application. The extra care erased the problem areas, and it looked much better the second time. I think to make the lines more precise, the way I like them, I’ll get a lip liner. I can’t believe I’ve gotten away without getting one yet, but I digress. Here, I’m wearing the mostly matte color with the opal lipstick over it, which gives the color shine and a bit of a blue tinge without the stickiness of gloss.

Black Cherry. L = with Opal R= without

The Black Cherry is the perfect dark red, especially for fair skin. It’s red enough to be evocative yet darker than a true red. Black cherry is an apt name. With the opal, it changes to a shiny magenta. This applies a bit easier than the Elderberry but it would still benefit from a lip liner.

I got the opal lipstick because I loved the gloss, but feared using it over dark colors would tint the otherwise clear gloss. So, I have the opal gloss to be worn alone or over subtle colors and the lip stick to be worn over dark colors. My system saves both and now I can be opal-y all day, every day.

Both of the formulas stain the lips well,  so even after eating or drinking, some color will remain. They’re about as moisturizing as a lipstick can be (as opposed to lip masks or items specifically meant for skin conditioning). I have trouble with dry lips, so I need more moisture than normal. The moisture is probably another reason I can’t get crisp, straight lines. They also smell lovely, perhaps it’s mint, but it’s subtle.

I love these lipsticks, and if I had the money, I’d buy the rest of the collection, too. I’d recommend them for anyone who loves Halloween, the changing autumn leaves, or Dita Von Teese.

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