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I write for Eco Warrior Princess, an established website about contentious lifestyle and environmentalism. I publish two articles a month about American environmental policy, sustainable lifestyle, activism, environmental science news, and reviews of sustainable brands.

The Elephant Journal

download9 Proposals for a Thoughtful Life from a Serial Inquirer

The phrase sedentary activism is borrowed from an interview between Neil Degrasse Tyson and Corey Booker. Booker, a decent and well-spoken man, warns of the dangers of an inactive activism. The old adage goes, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” In the digital era, it is easy to become complacent and complain about what should be done, but it’s equally easy to inspire others by sharing personal involvement.

 The Burg

01ff93daec79929971c59e86b64fb5ec4340dee91dTricky Transport, Tackling Troubles with Trolleys” May 2015

Not only would a trolley system be more fuel efficient than both buses and privately owned vehicles, it would also cut back on many traffic problems. According to a study implemented by the Central European Programme, trolleys, running on electricity, would demand fewer variable costs than buses running on petroleum, which varies greatly in price. Citizens would enjoy less noise and fewer emissions. Because they cannot move from their tracks, these streetcars would need to run on a very regular schedule; buses remain subverted by traffic and the whims of their drivers. 

From the Fallout Shelter (2015 issue)

ftfs-proof-4“Importance, Presence, and a Door” (winner, best fiction)

“There is a Chance I have Unknowingly Become the World’s Worst Quaker”

Excerpt from the winning fiction piece:

The sun begins to peep through my closed blinds, making visible the overabundance of dust suspended like near-rotten fruit in a cheap jello salad, and finally meets my crusty eyes. Here I lay, spread-eagle on my bed, stained with menstrual blood and hummus, moving only my head to meet the light. The sun manages to rise every morning; I simply can’t bring myself to do the same, anymore.

The Burg January 2015

Arithmatic Lovers, Fish, and Consumer’s Cathedral” January 2015

You oscillate between extremes, no logical pattern emerges

I can’t quantify you, your tears test acidic

Yet your needs, basic

Am I to trust the Truth or your truth?

Neither exists

Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle


“Emotional Insulation” (published in 2015 issue)

The last night I spent house-sitting, dreaming of a fire that consumed me along with the house, I worried whether I was dreaming or not and if my family would blame me for the phantom fire. With only a skeletal cat to keep me company, I stared at the insidious shadows bouncing off the high ceilings.  The room seemed infinite. The only thing protecting me from the outside world was a blanket I found, curled up on the longest sofa available to me. I turned the fake fireplace off after the waking world took hold of me and I shivered in the dark until morning.

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