Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 — Nude

This is the first product from Pat McGrath’s line that I’ve tried. I bought the nude tone because I’m very fair and prefer cool colors, and it’s the best highlighter I’ve ever used. Others end up looking like metallic streaks across my cheek bones, more like powder than skin, while these products are radiant, capturing both opulent, natural light and whimsical fantasy. The trio of products, a dual-ended balm and highlighter, brush, and powder, came packaged in a shower of silver sequins, doubling down on the high end, cheeky tone of the brand.

One can use this set to paint on subtle accentuations or an extravagant dewy glow reminiscent of wet or freshly-moisturized skin. I read one review complaining that it was too subtle for her, and I wholeheartedly disagree.  If you sculpt your face and want it to look as if you did (and there’s nothing wrong with that, mind you) this might not be the right product in that case, but one could absolutely use this with a heavier hand than I do. The look is more akin to haute couture runway models who often sport conceptual makeup and skin so fresh that you could turn it into sushi. It will change the shape of your face in a noticeable way, like an optical illusion bringing forth your features. 

They wear pretty well. It stays put, unless you touch your face frequently. I got it on my phone the first time I wore it, when I made a call. Other than that, it stays on well; keep in mind, I wear mine on bare skin without priming or setting it. 

My favorite parts are the balm and the powder, both elevating the set above typical contouring fare. The opalescent powder captures light in delicate, unexpected ways. This is why the products evoke a fantastical image, it’s what I’d imagine an elf’s skin should look like. A versatile product, it could also be used as an eye shadow or to dust on your body. The balm almost clear, but it’s just as opalescent as the powder and is what I assume gives longevity to the dewy glow. Used in tandem, this is what brings forth an inner radiance that enhances the skin. The other two products are quality as well, the high lighter blends well and the brush is well made. It’s soft, but stiff enough to dispense powder to concentrated areas, if need be. 

Skin fetish is an appropriate name for this product and the others in this line because it elevates one’s own skin, and acts as a fantastical amplification of the natural beauty that comes with flawless, well groomed skin. I love that because so much of makeup is about looking made up, or obscuring one’s features. Instead of making someone say “wow, that person contoured really well,” the reaction will be more like “his or her skin looks incredible.” As someone who doesn’t believe in foundation and overly complex rituals, but loves high fashion beauty, nothing tops this set. I’m completely enamored. 

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