oVertone’s Extreme Red Complete System: A Review

Damn, it feels good to be a redhead. A few months ago, I finally decided to dye my hair a color that I’d frankly considered for quite some time, but never had the courage (or income) to maintain. I oscillated between brown, black, and purple-ish, with some feather extensions thrown in, but had never taken on a complete transformation. It started with cheap L’Oreal products that both bleached and dyed my hair, but didn’t turn as red as I would have liked, as I walked the line between too much processing and not enough red. Then came oVertone color, whose color-depositing conditioners made my hair more vibrant and healthy.

img_0602The red I was, and am, striving for is a black-cherry oxblood, so I do need to bleach my hair, but not by much, especially since it has a tendency to bleach to red, as many dark hairs do. oVertone’s products do not lift any color, so anyone looking to use it but has dark hair needs to bleach beforehand to get any effect. When I augmented my cheap color with oVertone’s extreme red daily conditioner, it added immense color and dimension without harming it, as more lifting dye would.

I’ve since began having my hair touched up professionally, and I’ve added the Go Deep Extreme Red weekly treatment. The color is so potent that when I have my roots touched up, my ends look redder than the freshly applied color, which includes Goldwell’s Elumen, a fantastic oxidant-free red booster.

Aside from the color depositing aspect, these products are deeply nourishing and smell img_0512amazing, though the smell is ultimately inconsequential. My hair feels silky and any damage is now impossible to see. There was some skin irritation on my chest and back that I assume was caused from runoff in the shower while my conditioner was soaking into my hair, but it has since gone away. I’m not clear why it has; perhaps I’ve gotten better at keeping the conditioner in and rinsing it quickly, or perhaps my skin has gotten used to it, but I would recommend those with very sensitive skin try a sample first, just to be sure. The deep conditioning mask does a good job of intensifying, rather than simply maintaining color, and it works well as a repairing mask; I highly recommend using both products in tandem for the best effects.

These products are made in the USA, which cuts down on shipping costs if you live here, and makes me more confident of the quality of ingredients used, compared to that made abroad (even though I still think cosmetics should be more heavily regulated). They’re also vegan, so they don’t test on animals or use any animal byproducts. The company seems earnest and independent, it’s running a great word-of-mouth campaign, and I’m happy to support them as they grow. Since maintaining fantastical hair well can be very expensive, and nearly impossible for average women, oVertone’s rainbow of products makes unicorn mermaid hair attainable for anyone.

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