New Favorites: Glossier Black Tie Set



Dark lipstick, lightly primed skin, and a cat eye as black as a new moon sky are my lazy makeup uniform. Though I enjoy having a cohesive style, I hate feeling like I’m limiting myself. That’s why I love Glossier’s Black Tie Set, its sophisticated minimalism brought me out of my rut to remind me that glossy, nude lips and nails can be just as provocative as my darkest berries. I also love that  they encourage wearing the satin ribbon that comes with the set as a choker and hair ribbon; I’ve done both and love the sentiment of recycling all parts of the presentation. I hate throwing things away, I even use their pink pouches and  product boxes as organizational tools. Here’s a breakdown of the 4-piece set and pictures of me sporting the set with minimal or no other makeup in a variety of  looks:

Moonstone Haloscope

I’m almost out of my Skin Fetish 002 highlighter from Deborah Lippman, and this is a (dare I say?) better or equivalent replacement. It’s the product that’s making me seriously consider buying a second set. It’s a perfect opal highlighter, which is exactly what I want; highlighters like this are a little more whimsical than typical bronze and gold versions, but also more universal. This would produce a dewy, almost wet glow on both cool and warm toned skin. It’s has a suggestion of a gritty texture because of the powdered moonstone crystal in it, but that feeling dissipates once applied. The formula is moisturizing too, which I love for the winter. I’ll mourn its loss if this isn’t added as a permanent part of their collection.

Graphite Pencil

img_2970A pencil eyeliner that stays on pretty well! I’ve written off pencil eyeliners for so long because they don’t wear like liquid or gel formulas. The trade off is that it’s much harder (or impossible) to make smudged, smoky eyes with liquid eyeliner. This lasts most of my long days, and when set with transparent powder, it lasts even longer. I love that this comes with both a smudging sponge and sharpener inside the the pencil itself, a design choice that lends itself to convenient  application, anywhere. The color, a steely grey, won’t overwhelm blue eyes. The love grey because it’s the chameleon of the neutral pallet, transforming to fit the context. I prefer black eyeliner, but given the minimal mantra of their holiday lookbook, it makes perfect sense that they opted for a softer color.

A note on the packaging: Though I love this product, it came broken. The color was separated from the base of the twist-up base and  was smashed into the cap. I managed to fix it, though it’s not perfect. I sincerely hope this was a fluke!

Clear Gloss

This is addictive; it is so satisfying to apply becauseimg_2992 its formula is slippery, not goopy or sticky. I love slicking it on to give a glassy finish to my lips. The gloss stays put, but will need reapplication after eating or drinking. It also smells like vanilla, which is delightful. It reminds me of an elevated version of the flavored gloss that I begged my mother to buy me at the grocery store in the early 2000’s. I’m shocked by how much I like it because I have so wholeheartedly adopted the vampire lifestyle of a dark lipstick lover.


#glossierpink Polish

 In a recent article, Into the Gloss vindicated my belief that soft, dusty pinks should be considered neutrals, by proclaiming the same. The #glossierpink nail polish further proves the point with an almost translucent baby pink that compliments all skin tones, even my pale phalanges (I thought it made my hands look dirty or randomly tan at first, but I now love the shade on me).





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