Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Oil Tint Changed my Entire Stance on Foundation

2c0b5c90-1fa2-0134-9319-0ad17316e277For years, I’ve been advising peers, friends, and readers that foundations are unnecessary at best or counterproductive at worst. Clogging pores and  irritating skin for the sake of covering up, I felt the best course of action was to categorically avoid these sorts of products to focus on skincare — taking care of the largest organ in one’s body. I’ve tried many BB creams, the tinted moisturizer alternative that should have been the answer to my problem, but I could never find a cruelty free brand whose BB cream provided enough  SPF coverage in a color that suited my very fair complexion, provided sun protection, and didn’t make me feel sticky or chalky. The last thing I want is to look overly made up.

The modern trends of extreme contouring, brow painting, and color correcting leave me feeling uninspired; I’d readily wear extreme eye or lip makeup for the artistry of it, but I don’t want to look unlike myself. Kim Kardashian klones are the  bane of my style existence. All considered, my high-style, low maintenance, and skincare-focused ideology make me an outsider in the beauty world.

Enter Milk Makeup. The NYC brand born fromShade-Swatch-HolographicCopy-1290x1290 the aggressively hip magazine of the same name is pioneering that same ideology: high-impact looks without the fuss. I’d say it’s anti-makeup, but they’re obviously interested in editorial face painting; the brand is more about delivering boldness in a convenient package. Their products are made in the U.S.A. and are cruelty free, as well. Color me ecstatic.

I’ve tried their holographic stick, ubame mascara, and now the sunshine oil skin tint. I love all of these products. The mascara isn’t great, but it works for those who want a more casual, easily removed eye look than, say, false lashes or Diorshow mascara. It’s flexible and buildable, as are most of their products. The holographic stick, saturated with moisturizing oils, walks the line between makeup and skincare; its opalescent blue tint can be used on eyes, skin, and lip, as a highlighter or on top of other makeup to add otherworldly sheen.

Of all I’ve tried, Milk’s Sunshine oil tint is the  standout. It’s replaced my morning moisturizer and  sunscreen thanks to its SPF 30 formulation, and enhances rather than covers my skin. I’ve gotten compliments from strangers. I’m amazed by how natural it looks, and its texture melts into skin so much that it doesn’t transfer to my fingers when I touch my face. Its multiple uses (foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen) are each high quality examples of the  category on their own, and the marriage of the  three does not sacrifice performance for convenience. I cannot recommend this product or brand enough, especially if you, like me, prefer easy yet bold makeup.


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  • Cindy

    My skin has been going crazy because of the humidity (combination skin madness) and I can’t find anything over here that really helps. I don’t wear foundation or concealer, but my skin seems so sad. I went from Philosophy to Lush moisturizer… in general everything feels too greasy. It’s bumming me out.

    • fennecfawn

      Oh no, I didn’t realize England was so humid! If I were you, I’d look for something like an oil-gel, essentially stuff that’s made for young or oily skin might not be quite so greasy feeling. I’ve never used lush’s facial stuff before, but I know they rely on natural moisturizing oils which might be too heavy

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