Is A Keratin Treatment Worth Getting?

Short answer: it depends on the kind you get, the type of hair you have, and your intention. I recently had a keratin treatment to tame my frizzy hair, and have since noticed some other positive side effects. I have completely missed the trend so far; I had just discovered the  treatment a few weeks ago and asked my hairstylist about it offhand. Once she explained that it would help make my hair easier to style and less frizzy, I was sold. But how does it work?

According to hairstylist Abraham Sprinkle in an InStyle Magazine article, keratin treatments work by filling “in the porosity of your hair, as overly-porous hair causes tangles, frizz, and breakage. Your hair is made up of keratin, so the treatment is putting the protein back into the hair, which is often lost due to age and chemical services.” It made my hair feel smoother, stronger, and shinier. It’s as if each individual hair is heavier and smoother, which did pull out some of my curl.


Part of the reason it worked so well for me comes from the specific type of keratin I used. My stylist uses Goldwell color, and their Keratin treatment (which they call Kerasilk) is customizable because it is formaldehyde free (also healthier for stylists, clients, and the environment!). So, while I could have had it dialed up to 11 and gotten straight hair, she used a milder concentration on me so my hair still retains some wave. Other types of keratin won’t fully absorb if you wash or style your hair in the 48 hours after a treatment, whereas I was free to do with my hair as I wanted as soon as I left the salon. Knowing this, I’d encourage anyone looking into this to go for a formaldehyde free version that can be customized to your preferences.

I wasn’t expecting to love my new hair so much. I, like most women, am insecure about the way I look, but don’t have the time, energy, or money to look gorgeous all or even most of the time. What I love most about this treatment is that it’s easier to have cute hair especially on days that I don’t style or wash it. I usually don’t do much to my hair; I’ll use Living Proof’s Primer and sometimes hit it with Ouai’s Wave Spray or Rose Oil, and blow it dry if I’m in a rush. Now it dries even faster because it doesn’t absorb quite so much water, so I even get back a few minutes in the morning. Before, I could do all that and still look like I had a red haze emanating from my ears rather than actual hair because I had thin but coarse hair. Not a whole lot of them, but what hair I do have is naturally wild. Here are a few photos to prove my point:

So, I love my new hair, but is it worth $300? For me, yes. This allegedly lasts 3-5 months according to Goldwell, though my stylist warned it’s closer to 3 than 5. As I build towards a capsule wardrobe and minimalist apartment, I hope to one day not need to buy new clothes, just repair the ones I already have. I’m not a big collector of things, either. I do, however, love taking care of myself. Skincare, weird health food, and now hair care are how I treat myself (when I’m not sad and order depression pizza). If you have straight or fine hair already, this would not be worth it for you. If you have curly hair that you adore, this will take some of the fierceness out of your mane. But if  you’re like me, you’ll absolutely love this treatment. It’s worth it for the confidence boost, honestly.


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  • Carolina

    Latin America is the capital of frizz hair treatments lol…I switched to another thing called Liso de Seda (Silk Straightening???) and that’s the only thing that has worked for me. I can hook you up with my guy in Panama lol. Costs about 100 bucks and so far I’ve only done it 3 times (so every six months or so!)

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