Incorporating Pantone’s Colors of the Year into Your Wardrobe — with Ethically Made Fashion

Baby pink and powdered blue might seem to be infantile colors, but you can absolutely incorporate them into your wardrobe while still looking like your coven’s supreme. These colors, rose quartz and serenity, are basically neutrals with a feminine, ethereal air. As a disciple of the black, grey, and sometimes off-white sartorial camp, I actually find soft pink to be a perfect compliment to my dark wardrobe. I love pairing contrasting textures and colors in my outfits to achieve punk rock ballerina, celestial goddess of the witching hour looks.

Here are some ways I have or plan to incorporate rose quartz and serenity into my wardrobe. All of the examples are either from my own collection, independent designers, or ethically made.

1.Scarves and cardigans/kimonos — you can make the light colors play to your advantage by using them in soft fabrics or unexpected, heavy knits. They can lend softness or a casual look to a sleek, streamlined look. I’ve recently found out about a local artist, Woven Spectrums, that makes amazing shawls and knit items in subtle ombre effects. I am definitely going to buy myself her Aurora Borealis scarf/shawl (shown below) because it looks exactly like the one used in Pantone’s editorial. Talk about on trend.

2.Outwear Fabric — pastel leather (or something that looks like leather) is enviable because it encapsulates a look both adorable and intimidating, but often comes off as quaint or childish in jackets that should otherwise be black. Because my clothing pallet is largely monochromatic, playing with textures gives depth to my parings. I’ve become fascinated with the trend of incorporating fabrics usually exiled to the land of outerwear — faux-leather, feathers, faux-fur — into unexpected pieces. I’ve always been attracted to items that defied expectations (much like myself). With that,  I recommend looking for outfits like those below that incorporate these colors through textured fabric.

3.Flowy Skirts and Dresses — I have a powdered pink skirt that I’ve used to layer under shorter black dresses for warmth or to pair with. One can’t deny these pastel colors lend themselves to soft fabric — but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them to church. With cute layering, low necklines, and romantic hemlines, these pieces can be extremely provocative and edgy.

4.Jewelry– why not look to the stone behind the name and incorporate new age, handmade crystal and stone jewelry to add feminine mystique to your outfits. Rose Quartz is a favorite of mine for its pale lustre and versatility; on my pale skin, it compliments my own rosy glow. It’s not considered precious, so it’s relatively cheap, too. If you fancy yourself a white witch, the stones are meant to attract love and friendship. Blue lace agate and aquamarine are two gemstones graced with an icy powdered blue color. Amanda Leilani Designs, an independent jeweler in Harrisburg, makes beautiful raw gemstone rings and necklaces that both respect the natural shape of the stone and please the modern minimalists’ pallet, including some made from aquamarine.


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