Glossier Phase 2: Basics That are Anything But

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I was drawn to Glossier’s skincare focused ethos and fresh faced looks exemplified by their limited line of products of paired-down essentials that are basic-proof. This company is simplifying makeup with cruelty-free products that  multitask and put integrity before appearance.  The brand is very similar to  Milk Makeup, also an online publication-cum-makeup brand which offers up editorial, simplified products. I can only assume  they’re tapping into the same zietgiest. Between the two of them, I can have a chic makeup chest that espouses my values.

Their catch phrase is “skin first, makeup second.” It’s so exciting for me that a makeup brand is echoing a sentiment I’ve felt for a long time. I sincerely hope others start to follow suit.

Phase 2 Set

downloadPhase 2 is a collection of Glossier’s makeup products.  It includes Boy Brow, an eyebrow gel, Generation G, a semi-matte lipstick that feels more like a lipbalm, and Stretch Concealer, a lightweight cream concealer.

Boy brow is great for me because I  already like the shape of my brows. The gel does have some color, but it won’t create lashes where none existed.  It’s more of a grooming tool than an eyebrow-creator. it keeps stray hairs in place, primarily, but the tint is enough to fill more sparse areas. If you really have spotty or over-plucked brows, you might need to use more of a pencil. I got it in brown, and I recommend everyone to go as light as possible; eyebrows that are too dark easily look cartoon-ish.

Generation G, quite simply, looks like a lipstick  and  feels like a balm. It’s so comfortable and has never made my lips peel, a common occurrence. It doesn’t last a very long time per se, but it does leave a stain. I’ve put this without a mirror, so it’s easy to apply. Its color is soft, but the downside is that one cannot make a crisp sharp line like akin to what a lip liner or heavier lipstick would give. Glossier’s idea of the perfect lip is “stained by Popsicles” and it shows.

p2s_group_03The Stretch Concealer provides just enough color to cover some under eye discoloration, and  it looks and  feels like skin.  Frankly, I fully expected to put this product in the back of a drawer somewhere because I’ve never found a concealer I liked before. It’s so sheer that I forget I have it on; it’s not going to hide anything, just help correct some discoloration. One applies it just with fingers, and it melts into skin. The video accompanying this  video proclaims “if you can tell, that’s the point,” a sentiment that I wholeheartedly agree with. I’m all for dramatic, theatrical makeup, but no one wants to look cakey.

Miscellaneous Products

I was introduced to the brand through their Moon Mask and Balm Dotcom after having heard other bloggers and acquaintances rave about their products. I originally held off just because I wanted to take advantage of my VIB Rouge status through Sephora by only shopping through their site. In retrospect,  this is exactly why they promote such brand loyalty perks.

Balm Dotcom is a universal salve, good for lips, elbows, cuticles, or anything. In my glossier-balm-trio-1pursuit of a zen life and  simplified purse, it really appealed to my “less is more” mentality. It’s incredibly moisturizing and not at all irritating, though it’s  too heavy to use as a facial moisturizer. It could, however, be a dewy highlighter in a pinch. I’ve since bought the rose flavored version which is, obviously, perfumed like rose colored a soft, nearly translucent pink. I thought the tint would make it unusable as a universal salve, but it hasn’t turned my elbows pink yet.

Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask is moisturizing and soothing without many other perks, but it’s price reflects that. Honestly, it does the  job, and  for anyone in his or her twenties, it should be enough. It did reduce redness and improve texture in my skin, so it’s worth it if you’re feeling dry or irritated. I’m also a huge sucker for anything branded with a moon, so It’s no wonder that I bought it.

download-1When I ran out of Tatcha’s facial mist (which I really like, but alas, as a graduate student, I can’t afford very expensive unnecessary products) I switched to their Face Mist. At a quarter of the price,  I’m happy with it. It gets the job done, I mist after cleansing in the morning and  whenever I think of it throughout the day. It smells like roses too, thanks  to the rosewater (no artificial fragrance).

Overall Thoughts

Though I  think their skincare routine is too basic for me, I can augment my more expensive serums with their inexpensive yet effective products. I’ll probably buy their cleanser/makeup remover once mine runs out, and I will eventually collect all their Supers (booster-like serums). Their makeup is uncomplicated but polished; I’m using them as a base upon which I can add dramatic details like dark green lipstick or a holographic highlighter if I want more. It’s no wonder this brand has a cult following. As an aside, I really really hope they come out with a mascara soon.

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