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Brand Spotlight: Michael Stars


I never knew there was such a thing as the perfect plain tee shirt until I was given a handful of Michael Stars tanks and long sleeve tees to prove me wrong. What I found most shocking about the fit and feel of the shirts is that other companies had missed the mark. They are snug, yet long enough to suit many different body types, thin but not see-through, soft but not fuzzy.

Michael Stars is like grown-up American Apparel, without the sexist advertisements and perverted CEO. It’s a company that sells mostly basics and layerable pieces, but each one is timeless, and fairly priced. A fair amount of their clothing is labeled “one size fits most” and I would tend to agree: there’s room to move the fabric around and I got a lot of my shirts from a friend who has a totally different body type than me. They fit both of us well. If you are looking for a classic tee shirt, or a casual maxi dress, I would highly recommend this brand.

Michael Stars was founded by Michael Cohen and his wife Suzanne Lerne in 1986, and became known for clingy silhouettes and a signature “shine” fabric, that had the ever-so-slight sheen to it. Their shirts are all made in the U.S. though some of the denim and shorts are imported, and I couldn’t find anything as to whether the foreign manufacturers treat their workers well or not. As a company, they’ve done quite a bit of charity work. They participated in the “Who made your clothes” campaign and formed the Michael Stars and Cohen Family Foundation which hosts fundraisers and makes donates proceeds from certain charity garments. Their website states:

At Michael Stars we’re big believers in giving back. In 2006, company founders, Michael Cohen and Suzanne Lerner created the Michael Stars & Cohen Family Foundation, a foundation that supports multiple charities through the development and sales of charity tees, monetary and product donations and in-store fundraising events. It’s our philosophy that our foundation should support the foundations that mean the most to our customers, like women and children’s, education and the environment. These issues are important to you and they’re important to us.

Overall, I really like this stuff, it’s not too pricey and they’re just good, american made, shirts.

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