Brand Highlight: Reformation

Environmentally conscious fashion brands aren’t synonymous with ponchos and mismatched fabric patches, anymore. I was thrilled when I learned of Reformation. The company is vertically integrated meaning that everything is located in one building, from the CEO’s office to the production of the dresses. This is the true meaning of “Made in America.”  By presenting information about the amount of water and Carbon Dioxide were used in the making of its wares, this brand is both fashion forward and incredibly green.

the Reformation factory
I bought two dresses from their cheaper line, the Obvious Collection. At affordable price points, I picked up the Jane dress and the Cali dress in black. Both are made of 88% tencel, a fabric made from a plant that doesn’t need much water. Unlike cotton or linen, it’s not quite so wasteful and feels surprisingly nice. It’s breathable, but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. It’s not what I expected when I heard it was a “lightweight” fabric. It feels like a well made cotton.

Their line runs small (I’m not really sure who would be able to fit into their smalls). The larges look nice on me, but both of the dresses are a tad shorter than I expected. They’re still wearable, coming to a few inches shy of my knee. I usually follow my old Catholic school rule for skirt length: as long as it touches your finger tips at your side, it’s OK. It’s funny, because they say their main line is geared for women between 5’6 and 5’10. If you’re an amazonian or a model, you might want to closely scrutinize their shorter skirts before buying. Shipping is always free, though, so returns are easy.

I expected to wear the Jane dress for work, operationswhich is why I was disappointed to see it fit shorter on me than I anticipated. I thought about returning both of them, but I like them too much to let them go. With leggings or opaque tights, they’ll be fine, and could be perfect for looking a classy sort of risque while going out. That’s what I really love about dresses, you can throw on one piece of clothing, and if it suits you, you look great with little effort.

The Obvious collection is great for young people, and their pricier pieces are truly amazing. I’m in love with the Winslow dress, seen in the featured image on the left. Looking at these dresses, I’m reminded that it’s completely possible to make high fashion, elegant clothing without dumping toxic dyes into the water or exploiting abused workers around the world. Unlike other clothing companies that simply use ethical buzz words to sell to the growing numbers of conscientious consumers, Reformation is dedicated to the environment. They’re a registered B Corporation, or Benefit Corporation, meaning that they are required to meet and maintain a high level of transparency and accountability.

I never knew B Corps existed before I read about Reformation, and I’m now keeping my eye out for more fashion forward Benefit Corporations. I highly recommend everyone looking at Reformation’s clothing (a sale is going on now) and consider buying some great, timeless pieces.

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