Black Moon Cosmetics Review

I’m a sucker for good branding. Black Moon Cosmetics is an independent cosmetics company with an eye for whimsical, gothic artwork that presents an alluring, cohesive voice and look. Being made in small batches in the USA with cruelty-free products, how could I resist them?  I can’t remember exactly how I found this brand, but I know instagram was involved. As far as indie-brand liquid lipsticks go, these are the highest performing ones, though the colors are a bit limited at the moment.

I first tried Purgatory, their almost-black purple. If you like dark lipsticks, like I do, these can be hard to come by, especially in the much-needed long lasting formula. There are very few things worse than smeared lips, and a dark colors on my pale skin creates a contrast that makes obvious every flaw. I am very happy with it, compared to the black long-wearing gloss I tried from Illumesque, the shade it has replaced in my collection. I’ve since bought Sanguis, a true red, followed quickly by Selene, a new (and currently sold out) shade of burnt maroon with opalescent finish. I like these so much more than the Lime Crime Velveteens. When I wore red velvet, it would stay on for a very long time until it flaked off, taking my lip’s skin with it. These don’t stay on quite as long, but have a creamy texture that doesn’t dry out my lips, even after hours. There’s some variance between the shades, I think Selene wipes off more easily than the other two, which might be thanks to its shiny formula. Nevertheless, these will stay on while drinking coffee, or a salad, but eating a sloppy, savory veggie gyro will wipe half of it off (I know this from experience).

Black Moon’s Harvest lipstick

My only small complaint is that Selene looks more brown or copper in person than it does online. It could be that against my red hair, the contrast changes the way the color appears on me. I had hoped it would be more along the lines of Black Metal Dahlia from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I still really like it, it’s perfect for a grungy lip that’s also appropriate for the office, but I’m still on the look out for a great maroon.

I’d highly recommend any of Black Moon’s lipsticks to those of us who like grungier, darker makeup. Part of the reason I love them so much is that they tell a story with the names and packaging. These liquid lipsticks apply very easily and give crisp lines. You’ll need between 30 and 120 seconds to allow it to set, but once it does, it feels powdery, but not gritty or dry, to the touch. They also get major points for showing each color on both a white and black model, something so simple, yet infuriatingly neglected by mainstream companies. It’s such a problem, that there’s now an app to show women of color what lipsticks would look like on them. Black Moon Cosmetics can count me among their super fans, and I cannot wait to see what this company has in sore for the future.



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