A review of Living Proof’s PhD Dry Shampoo

After a steady stream of movie analysis, I think it’s time for a product review. I have too many hair care products, partly because I’m still recovering from a pixie cut that required little to no styling. All of my old bottles and jars went unopened for months, while new ones fitting my awkwardly growing hair popped up like mushrooms on a rotting log. The constant necessity was shampoo. I was most impressed by one from Living Proof, Perfect hair Day, or PhD, a name I admire for it’s intellectual implications.  Since then, I’ve tried the complimentary styling cream and overnight treatment because they were free, and there’s something very satisfying about a matching set. The last time I refilled my shampoo, I thought to try their dry shampoo, considering I have colored hair and don’t like washing it every day. I had intended to use it after mine had run out, but this time, the difference of performance is so vast that I might never use my old dry shampoo again. This is either the best dry shampoo, or I had been using the worst one, It’s hard to say.

imageI had been using Alterna’s version, a loose powder with a precise funnel-like applicator to dispense it directly onto the scalp that unfortunately left a white residue that felt dirty and made it look as if I had been trying on powdered wigs the night before. It also didn’t do much to improve my hair’s appearance. Concurrently limp and messy, it never fooled anyone into looking fresh, though I admit the powder added volume. It’s saving grace and mine. I used this for months, resigning myself to wearing my hair up on days I didn’t wash it, the thing dry shampoo was meant to counteract.

Conversely, the PhD dry shampoo from Living Proof is weightless, fragrant, and virtually invisible. The aerosol-powered spray runs powerful and cold, and appears white on first application, but the powder is easily shaken off by tousling the hair, while the effects remain. My hair feels silky and bouncy after using this, almost equivalent to traditional shampoo.

I like Living Proof as a company, as much as one can like a company. Their products are cruelty-free and are made in America. Being made in America is more just supporting American industries, a worthy endeavor on its own, it avoids the exploitation of the people and environment of the developing world. Founded by biotech scientists and MIT professors, I trust their products to work well, because the science drives the business side, rather than the opposite. Always a supporter of science, I’m happy this brand contradicts the “natural” beauty movement, by showing how uplifting, positive, and transparent cutting edge science can be in this context.

I’m not expert in dry shampoos because I’ve only really used two, so my frame of reference is very limited. That being said, Living Proof’s PhD meets all of my requirement of a dry shampoo, and I don’t plan on trying any others in the foreseeable future. If anyone reading this is disappointed with the performance of other hair-cleaning products, I highly recommend trying PhD. If anyone’s looking for a haircare brand to simplify their life, replace everything with products from Living Proof.

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