24 Karat Polish: Lyes and Lathers’ New Scrubs

I really love powder treatments and cleansers. They need fewer antimicrobial agents because they’re dry and are great for the double cleanse trend. The owner of Lyes and Lathers recommended I mix my facial scrub with a liquid toner which BLEW MY MIND. I had only used water with my other powder treatments; now this allows for a totally customizable experience. You could mix with essence, floral water, or toner to make it more exfoliating or moisturizing depending on your preference.

Both of these products are great for attaining smooth skin in the summer without stripping too much oil. The natural ingredients are really calming, and they’re both now essential parts of my skincare ritual.

Gold Scrub

Before and after wiping off the scrub

Lyes and  Lathers released two new scrubs: silver and gold. I was given gold, which is for normal to dry skin, and was advised to mix it with a liquid toner instead of water if I wanted more exfoliation. Both can be used two ways, as a mask or a scrub.

I’m really impressed by how gentle this is as a mask. I needed quite a bit to cover my face, but it wasn’t irritating at all. It gently took out some roughness, and when I  washed it off, the grit added some light physical exfoliation to the experience. I loved this because it didn’t make my skin red like some of the other “scorched earth” scrubs and peels I like to do occasionally. It’s so gentle, you could  do this three times a week with little to no sensitivity.

This also works as a daily scrub for rough patches or combination skin. I don’t really like treating my skin too harshly, so I just pat it on and make circular, upwards rubs concentrating on my jawline, nose, and forehead, where my skin is rough or oily. Personally, I think I’ll use it as a mask treatment twice a week, but that’s because I’m lazy and don’t need another step to my skincare routine. This might change as I get more oily as the summer progresses.

Lip scrub


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This is  my new ride or die. I’m self-conscious about my lips because my mouth isn’t symmetrical, always sloping off to the right like it’s drunk, and I’ve always experimented with lip plumpers to diminish its prominence. What I don’t  like about the plumpers is that they wear off very quickly and basically irritate your skin to make it look puffy. I tried Grande Lips, and while it’s true that, according to my boyfriend, it made my lips “look like I was having an allergic reaction,” I found that to only be true after the first few days of using it. After daily application, my lips didn’t react quite so dramatically, and it became more like a hydrating gloss with slight plumping power.

This on the other hand made the texture of  my lips amazing, I had never realized how much the small lines make them appear smaller or older. I have VERY dry lips, so much so that they bleed in the winder from cracking. To give you an idea of my deep appreciation of this  product, I love Bite Beauty to death but threw their Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub out after getting this.

The large grit of the sugar really rubs off any dead skin. After scrubbing, the product needs to be left on for 1-2 minutes to really do its magic. The shea and avocado oils condition the freshly exfoliated skin to the point that  moisturizing afterwards is optional. It really improved the way lipstick wears on my lips and made them look younger overall.


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